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Aberdeen University interns help build new online presence for Aberdeen Earthstore.

Family-owned online business, based in the Bridge of Don secured two Aberdeen University Interns to help build a new online presence and their boost social media presence.

Nigel Ross founder of the Earthstore said “getting access to highly talented students at a critical point in the online shop development, has been invaluable. We were successful in getting Business Gateway support in the form of strategic planning, cost and pricing models, marketing strategy, supported by our own business advisor. And as we were coming out of the Business Gateway programme the opportunity arose to engage with Aberdeen University.

TikTok specialist Faiq Chaudhary who in his own time, has built and sold several TikTok shops said “I have been given the incredible opportunity to manage and grow Earthstore’s presence on TikTok. As a 3rd year psychology student, this role has allowed me to merge my academic insights with practical experience in a dynamic and fast-paced environment.

My interest in this internship stemmed from a desire to explore the intersection of psychology and social media marketing

The Earthstore's commitment to promoting well-being through its products aligns with my personal and professional values, making the decision to apply an easy one. I was drawn to the potential of using TikTok's vast platform to connect with a diverse audience and to learn about the nuances of e-commerce in the social

 media landscape”

e-Commerce specialist Rozaliya Markova said “I applied for the Earthstore Internship due to my previous experience in e-commerce and a personal fascination with crystals and esoteric topics. This internship represents an invaluable opportunity, providing me with firsthand experience in an area I am passionate about, and enabling me to confirm my desire to pursue a career that blends creativity with computer science. The experience so far has been great and I am deeply grateful to have joined such a welcoming and kind family”.

Earthstore is a small, local, family-owned business in the Bridge of Don, Aberdeen. It sells crystal displays, tumble stones, smudging kits, crystal gift boxes, fossilised wood specimens, incense and other crystal products.

Earthstore’s new online shop will be launched in April 24 at






Press Release Issued by EARTHSTORE.CO.UK

Contact: Nigel Ross email:

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