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Ironic twist for Russian Shungite sales to help Ukraine

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Our biggest selling items on the store is Russian Shungite, we sell a lot of structured drinking water packs, mobile phone plates, tumblestones and necklaces every day, shipping across the UK.

It is, or should I say, it was also one of our most profitable lines we stock, as we bought directly from a privately owned mine (a genuine family team) in Shunga region of Karelia.

We managed the importing, customs clearance and paperwork, to allow us to buy in bulk. Normally we had to wait up to 4 months for stock to arrive, which was always difficult to forecast. It was always a painful and complex process but allowed us to buy Shungite at a lower cost and this is seen in our retail prices compare to others online.

Rather than simply stop buying and selling Shungite, we thought how can we do something a bit more meaningful in keeping with our ethical and moral values, given the crisis in the Ukraine. So, whilst we will not be buying any more Shungite, we will be donating ALL the profits from Shungite sales to Ukrainian charities, until our stock runs out.

My wife and daughters all agreed this was the right thing to do and quite ironic that our Russian product profits may go a little way to help those in need in the Ukraine. We also considered simply removing Shungite from the store, which we did at the immediate outbreak of the invasion, but we felt this helps no one in the Ukraine at all.

The charity we selected: Help Ukraine Emergency Appeal Our donations will be used to fund immediate emergency and ongoing needs. This campaign is being organised by a community partnership of Ukrainian churches and organisations in Great Britain:

  • The Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of the Holy Family of London

  • Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church in Great Britain

  • Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (AUGB)

  • Association of Ukrainian Women (AUW)

  • Ukrainian Youth Association (CYM)

  • Plast Ukrainian Scouts in Great Britain

  • Association of Ukrainian Teachers (AUT)

We felt the above charity group was a great beneficiary. They are active on the ground across Ukraine, providing support wherever needed to those most in need. Every single pound we give them goes directly to support efforts in the form of food, medicines, clothing and other urgent necessities. <Update:>

Dear Nigel

Thank you isn’t enough to express how moved and grateful we are for all the support we’re getting. I can absolutely guarantee that every available penny will be spent on the ground in Ukraine to help Ukrainians suffering from this brutal war. The majority of us are volunteers and AUGB is taking nothing for admin costs. It’s the least we can be doing in this situation.

Thank you so much.

Iryna Iryna Terlecky Board Member Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain Limited (AUGB)

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