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Welcome SPRA Members

We are really pleased to be able to offer some exclusive rates for SPRA Members and their families.

The following discounts have been agreed with SPRA:

  • 'madebyzen' diffusers, ionisers and 20% of RRP

  • |'essentoil' diffusers - 20% off RRP

  • Pink Himalayan Salt lamps, candle holders, and any other items we carry in stock - 15% off RRP

  • Selenite Lamps, candle holders and any other selenite items we carry in stock - 15% off RRP

  • Crystal displays and other things we hold in stock - 20% off this includes:

    • Amethyst cut displays, candle holders, tumblestones, oblisks, jewellery

    • Orange, green and blue calcite display chunks

    • Shungite (famous for it's 5G protection), mobile phone plates, necklaces, pyramids, bags of Shungite for your drinking water, chunks for display or near you electrical equipment.

    • Different types of Sage for smudging, Palo Santo wood and Abalone Shells

    • Incense sticks and holders

    • Tumblestones and Palmstones, of which there are too many to list

    • Crystal spheres: all colours of quartz, selenite, rainbow obsidian, mangano calcite, honey calcite, 7 chakra, pyrite and more

    • Obelisk points: amethyst, rose quartz, fluorite, snow quartz, clear quartz, titanium lemurian quartz, cinibar, citrine, smoky quartz labradorite and more

We haven't managed to get all our crystal displays onto the website, but our short videos shows what we do have. Please ask for pictures and prices if you are interested. We are working hard to get our stock onto the site.

We believe we are already the lowest-cost seller of Himalayan Salt Lamps and products, so an added bonus to you of paying well below market prices for very high quality products. We only source our Himalayan Salt products from an ethical wholsesaler in the UK, so not only is our quality assured but also the source of the mine and their culture of care towards their employees are guaranteed. This is important to the Ross family.

All lamp fittings are tested to BS EN 60598-1-2008 & BS EN 60598-2-4:1998. Complying with: The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulation 1994


You will notice we mention "items we carry in stock", which is important.  Whilst we have several thousand items in stock in Aberdeen, there are others listed in our shop which we don't physically hold. We would love to but we don't have the room.

So we arranged with our primary supplier to allow us to purchase them as and when we got orders, and they ship the items out directly from their warehouse in the Midlands. Sadly, due to the complexity of this arrangement and when we use this to fulfill orders, our margins are very tight.

When placing an order, we were advised by the SPRA to request your Membership Number. There is a text field in the MY CART called "Add a note" simply pop your SPRA number in this section. Remeber to use your unique SPRA code to ensure you get the discounts quoted.

If you have any question regardless of what it's about, please don't hesitate to contact us on:

Mobile: 07488385013 or email: info@

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