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Covid research backs electrolysed water technology

New international research into the treatment of Covid has backed the work of a Scottish green technology firm.

Dew, based in Dundee, has developed the science behind electrolysed water to create a powerful weapon to help in the fight against the disease. And now scientists in a significant medical trial have found that its use in treating Covid patients decreases the risk of hospitalisation by 92%.

The science Electrolysed water produces hypochlorous acid, the substance that human white blood cells make to fight off infection. In a randomised controlled trial in Cuba, researchers treated patients suffering from Covid with an electrolysed saline solution administered either in a spray inhalation, or injected into the patient or both. Over the two-month trial, 13% of the control group patients subsequently died from Covid, compared with none of the experiment group patients.

Effectiveness Dew has been developing the science behind electrolysed water in its products - which range from liquid hand sanitisers to disinfectant sprays and room misters - for nearly three years. The anti-viral solution is 99.995% effective at killing bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. Its formulation is designed specifically to destroy the cell walls of viruses and bacteria, eliminating them while remaining gentle to the user. Scientifically proven to be more effective than bleach2, it nonetheless has no harmful chemicals, fumes or residues. The company hopes that the research will bring the science to the attention of more people in the efforts to combat infection during the global pandemic.

Solution Dew’s chief executive officer Erik Smyth said: “We have known about the effectiveness of electrolysed water in fighting infection for some time, and it is great to hear it endorsed with this research. “Not only did it reduce the symptoms of Covid, but in the trial it also importantly limited the progress of the disease. “The risk of hospitalisation decreased by 92%, with a 43-fold increase in the probability of achieving what they call ‘an acceptable symptom state’ on the fifth day after contracting the disease. “The relative simplicity of the solution really shines through. Electrolysed water uses a substance the human body produces itself to fight off infection. “We’ve used it to create a range of products that people can go out and use themselves, without any medical prescription, and proactively protect themselves. “Our products are completely compatible with the pH of skin and after use, they break down again into salt and water, leaving nothing behind that could harm the user or the environment.”

Dew products are available online at, as well as through retailers and refill stations nationwide like EARTHSTORE.CO.UK


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