Thanks for being a New Member beta tester

Long overdue I know, but we have added some new functionality to make it easier to place future orders on Earthstore, without having to enter all your data again.

In the short term, we have added:

  • Wishlist - a place to save items so you can return and read about them in more details.

  • My Orders - you can see past order details.

  • Multiple Billing and Shipping addresses - a bit like Amazon address book.

  • My Wallet - you can safely store your debit or credit card details, making checkout even more easy.

    • The card info does NOT include your 3-digit security CVV code

    • The card information is stored in STRIPEs 

    • STRIPE is a global online payment platform supporting companies e.g. Microsoft, Apple Pay, DELIVEROO,, Oxfam, American Red Cross, ASOS and many other global players

    • It is safe and secure​.


We haven't connected up the inter-member and community board, the blog area, posts and other things for this phase, as what we want to achieve over the next 3 months is to prove the functionality (listed above) works seamlessly and easily for a smaller number of people.

You should be able to log-in using your email address. Pre-enter your addresses and other information.


When you go to checkout, all your information should pre-populate the required fields. But please let us know when you run into difficulties so we can get things fixed. Feedback is really important to us to make this functionality work.

As you probably know, we manage the website ourselves on the WIX platform, so have to take small steps at a time.

Thanks for becoming involved in the Member beta testing


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