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What is geopathic stress? How does it affect us? How can Shungite help?

The idea of stress as a factor in ill health is now widely accepted and the effects on the body are relatively well-documented. The true range of the causes is not so much in evidence. Geopathic stress as a causal link to ill health is usually ignored as most people are unaware of its presence.

The concept of geopathic stress appears to add one more potential source to consider: the energy of the earth itself. Most people have truly little idea what lies in the ground below them.

Maybe you’ve never even considered the geological or man-made features underneath your home.

The Earth does have an electromagnetic field. According to the World Health Organisation, however, there’s no ‘published’ evidence that exposure to low-frequency electromagnetism plays any part in the development of health conditions. Although, there have been many legal cases in the USA and the UK concerning living in or near electric transmission pylons, electricity substations, under or overground high voltage lines.

Therefore, The exposure to geopathic stress is a highly disturbing issue nowadays. Geopathic stress rests on the idea that the Earth gives off a certain energy vibration that’s disrupted by above and underground features.

Geopathic stress appears to be a result of spending time in specific zones where the natural energy of Earth is disturbed by weak electromagnetic fields (EMF) stemming for example from certain mineral concentrations, underground steams, electric networks, cellular network masts and other transmission towers, tunnels, sewers, geological faults, pipes or pipelines, mineral deposits, utility lines, underground water etc.

Spending time in, near and around geopathic zones can lead to such symptoms of geopathic stress as headaches and migraine, insomnia or trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, fatigue, anxiety, general nervousness or a low mood, weakened immune system which can affect our everyday life, wellbeing, and health.

Some research states that Shungite has demonstrated to be a perfect solution when it comes to shielding yourself from geopathic stress and reducing the negative effects of the geopathic zones.

The idea that bad vibes or negative energy can affect health and wellness isn’t at all new.

Whilst the concept of geopathic stress originated in Germany in the early 1920s, it shares a lot of similarities with long-standing practices like feng shui and dowsing, both of which many people find helpful.

Note: Shungite Protection sets including Pyramids or chunks of ore which many claim to be the most useful and effective way of EMF and Geopathic Stress protection!

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