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What is EMF? How does it affect us? How can Shungite help?

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) and 5G radiation (or millimeter waves) vulnerability appears to be an extremely concerning issue nowadays, and most people are exposed to the effects of EMF and MMW whether they like it or not, because they are surrounded with various gadgets, applicances and electronic devices. e.g. mobile phones, tablets, PCs, laptops, routers/modems, microwave ovens, TVs (smart or otherwise), TV smart boxes, Wi-Fi devices around the home and work, IoT, Bluetooth devices and much more.

In the modern world of technologies most people are highly affected by EMF and 5G radiation and Shungite has proven to be a powerful countermeasure. There are several scientific studies that prove the fact that Shungite is efficient in reducing the negative effect of these devices, most of those undertaken in Karelian Academy of Sciences.

It is important to remember that the power of Shungite protection depends on its action radius, which in turn depends on the size of Shungite item.

So, the larger your Shungite item, the greater the area it can cover with its countermeasure protection ability. For example, take an item which is appx 10cm in size, will cover approximately 10 meters of space, that is the general proportions you can use with any Shungite item. The only exceptions are Elite or Noble Shungite items, because they are much more effective – their action radius is generally twice larger, by size.

To ensure comprehensive protection against harmful EMF and MMW it is usually recommended to use several Shungite items to reduce the exposure to radiation-emitting devices. The more Shungite items you have around you, the more positive properties against EMF and 5G radiation Shungite provides you and the more protected you are.

What items are the best when it comes to EMF and MMW protection?

There are different kinds of items which you can use to protect yourself from the danger of EMF and 5G radiation.

First of all, you can use gadget protection and strike EMF and MMW at its source with Shungite phone plates, these are small stick-on plates which you attach to the rear of your phone. No only that, but you can apply them to your other devices such as, tablets, laptops, PCs, TVs and so on – any object in your environment that you feel can be a source of EMF and MMW. A second option you have is household appliance protection – you can cover a lot of living space with various Shungite items like pyramids, spheres, cubes, chunks, etc. Thanks to the Shungite action radius, your home will be effectively shielded from these negative influences, near the EMF and MMW sources.

Thirdly, you can use personal protection through various Shungite items that you can carry with you all day long. Those can be Shungite stones, both regular and Elite, and Shungite jewellery, like Shungite necklaces, rings and earrings, which will successfully create a protective aura around you to shield you from EMF and 5G radiation.

Please feel free to contact us and request our 'Shungite FAQ 101' document.

More information Blogs on Shungite to follow.....

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