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EARTHSTORE brings you a GIANT PUFFED SELENITE HEARTS from the mountains of Morocco.


This an unusual size of a Selenite Heart, normally they are maximum 100mm but this is a whopping 120mm and weighs in at 500gms.

Lots of radiated light from this wonderful stone and perfect for crystal healing, Reiki and other energy purposes.


The crystal received its name from the Greek goddess of the moon: Selene - and you can see why.. the way the milky crystals refract light is totally lunar.


Benefits: It is generally accepted that Selenite is one of the most powerful crystals for healing. Also it is connecting to the third eye, crown and etheric chakras. Some say it promotes purity and honesty. It is said it forces the person holding it to be honest with themselves. 


Just stunning beautiful Selenite. Read more about selenite HERE


EARTHSTORE is a small family business based in Aberdeen, Scotland.

We buy only from a select number of ethical wholesalers in the UK and three other family-owned businesses in India, Bali and China, all of whom care as much as we do about sustainability, the environment, ethics in mining, people welfare, carbon footprint, zero child labour and reducing waste wherever possible.

What does our tag line mean "Making crystals affordable to all". When people shop with us, many people say, "this is so cheap, I paid lots more for the same thing at ....", we inform our customers that our overheads, our wholesale sources (in the UK and overseas) are different from others. We can’t ever be the lowest cost, because we know we can't compete with so many overseas businesses selling the “SAME LOOKING” item.


We have spent years buying samples and making sure what we offer is solid, sound and we know is ethically sourced. For that level of distinction, we know we pay a premium, what we offer is genuine value for money to our customers, never knowingly over pricing our items.

UNUSUAL GIANT LARGE PUFFED Selenite Heart - (500gms) 120x111 x 42mm

£26.99 Regular Price
£21.59Sale Price
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