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These are incense cones which are made in India for our supplier. All of the cones have pleasant and quite nice exotic fragrances. These cones are vastly superior to the cones that come from China, but are a little more expensive. Check out feedback on what people say about the Chinese cones.

When these cones are burned, the smoke flows down the incense tower like a cascading waterfall, creating an unusual and truly beautiful effect. 

  • Each box contains approx 45 pieces. 

Light the cone and it will begin to generate smoke that is heavier than air around it, and so it will fall dramatically in swirls and twists, down through the hole at the base of your burner to create a mesmerising effect and fill your room with a delicate fragrance.


These cones are only for use with Back Flow Incense Burners. 



Best value ever, to cone a phrase.  

Tub of Assorted Back Flow Incense Cones (aprox 45)

£3.95 Regular Price
£2.95Sale Price
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