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This is our well presented Smudge Kit, ideal if you are planning to start Smudging or if you have already started smudging your home of workplace, and looking for a wee, all-in-one- pack

The smudge kit is beautifully presented inside and includes:



  1. Abalone Shell (sustainably sourced)
  2. Palo Santo (Holy Wood) sticks
  3. DESERT SAGE smudging wand
  4. Smooth selenite A-Grade tumble stone inside an organza bag
  5. Recycled shredded Kraft paper straw packing
  6. Presentation box with see-through window.


A lovely gift to give and recieve.

Smudge Kit incl desert Sage, Abalone,Palo Santo, selenite and incense st

  • Optional Smudging Guide available.

    Our Earthstore smudging guide is packed with detailed information across 23 pages about Smudging, do's and don'ts, ideas and suggestions, history of smudging, methods for smudging home, person, office and car, and loads more.

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