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Manufactured by the world's leading incense brand, SATYA


Beautifully scented backflow incense cones developed by Satya.

The cones are crafted using the highest quality NATURAL ingredients to offer longlasting fragrance. Use these cones with a backflow incense burners to create stunning smoke and fragrance displays.


Created by hand using sustainable, natural products.

SATYA high-quality BACKFLOW DHOOP CONES; Nag Champa; Super Hit;

PriceFrom £5.99

    Hinduism is not only a religion but also a way of living a good and healthy life which is based on the principles of Vedas. Vedic knowledge envelops in it, an entire wisdom of the past, present and future.

    As it is said in the Vedas, burning of Masala incense stick which is a blend of Indian natural herbs and scents has many Benefits like killing bad bacteria, removing air borne pollutants, negative energy & creates pleasant environment.

    At SHRINIVAS SUGANDHALAYA (BNG) LLP we have carefully nurtured these timeless secrets of herbs with medicinal values and hand rolled these blends on the sticks.

    By burning our masala incense it gives a sanitised ambiance and free environment from bad pollutants in the air.

    At these trying times of Covid – 19 let’s all keep faith in almighty and go back to our roots.

    We wish you all health and peace and be safe.
    Soon the good times will be back.


  • Shrinivas Sugandhalaya (BNG) LLP is the maker of the world famous Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa.

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