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This is an amazing diffuser for people who want to take their favourite scents with them when on-the-go.

With a long 30 hours of use, ideal to take off-grid, glamping or camping, caravaning, hotel room, and any visits outside your own home, such as the gym, office, yoga sessions and more. Add your own blend of essential oils or use any standard doTERRA essential oil, for a long lasting fragrance wherever you are.


It only needs a 2 to 3 hour charge via standard USB charger, to boost it back to another 30 hours of battery power.

Another great thing we thought, it doesn't use non-standard sized bottles. That's right. No fiddly transfer of oil from one bottle to another. The ROVE accepts standard 5ml, 10ml or 15ml bottles.

Like all Made By Zen products, it is completely safe to use as there is no heat being used to generated the mist, so your oils remain as the should be, giving you the exact scent as it smells in the bottle.


The folk at Made By Zen think of everything, so you don't get just one diffuser head, meaning you can have your next bottle of oil or blend ready to insert into the diffuser.


Instructions for use: Waterless Nano-mist technology releases potent particles of scent direct from the oil bottle, without the need for water or heat.

Pushing the oil bottle firmly from the base will release the oil nozzle, allowing you to insert the dropper into your favourite fragrance or essential oil blends.

Tap to choose your perfect scent intensity and run-time of 30, 60 or 90 minutes.


Sleek and ultra-portable, charge by USB or mains in just 2-3 hours to give 30 hours of usage, effortlessly giving a pure burst of wellness and intense scent.

Use the Rove replacement Diffusion Head to effortlessly switch your scent, by having multiple ready-made oil options.

• Wireless and rechargeable, up to 30 hours of use
• Intense scenting with Nano-mist technology

• 3 scent intensity settings
• Compact size, ideal for travel, glamping, camping, gym, office, or home
• Suitable for use with any 'good quality' essential or fragrance oils

• Compatible with 5ml, 10ml & 15ml oil bottles


Colour: Charcoal grey

Due to its atomising technology, the Rove produces a subtle sound whilst in use.

Rove Aroma Atomiser - Made By Zen, waterless & portable

PriceFrom £46.75
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