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Mango Wood Incense Ashcatchers are lovingly handmade in India.

Our supplier deals with a number of companies all of which produce wood-wares in the city of Saharanpur in Northern India.

This region has a proud artisan history of producing beautiful woodware and our supplier is proud to support this industry by importing several containers a year of wholesale woodware, a favourite of which is the incense holder in so many forms.

The Mango Wood Ashcatchers are wide and curved so they are perfect for catching the falling ashes making them easy to dispose of and clean which is a brilliant plus point for our customers if you haven't used these things before.

These are simple but practicle ashcatchers which are hand crafted. No machines, no production lines, no sweat shops, just artisans getting paid for what they do best. 


Great value for natural sustainable Mango Wood.


Made in India by Artisans

Plain Mango Wood Incense Ashcatcher -Hand Made

£1.20 Regular Price
£1.00Sale Price
  • Always make sure there is somewhere to catch the ash as the stick is burning.

    Light the stick and carefully and gently blow out the flame, so there is just the smouldering smoke carrying the lovely aroma into the air.

    Make sure you place the stick above a disk or holder to catch the ash as the stick slowly burns its way down.

    There are custom made incense stick holder which is the safest way to burn your incense. At our home we also use flower pots to stick the incense stick into and th ash is collected safely below. No harm or damage will be caused using this method.

    Dispose of the stick in your recycling bin.

  • Our bags & labels are 100% biodegradable

    Our bags are recyclable

    Our thermal transfer printed labels means no inks, dyes nor toner used = no chemicals

    Our labels use ultra-low-tack adhesive. So they dissolve off with water = no vinyl acetate, polyvinyl acetate, homologues, Isomers, urethane prepolymer, diphenylmethane-diisocyanate nor others synthetic emulstions

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