Pink Pure Himalayan Salt Block (Salt & More)

100% natural Himalayan Salt Block, contains a reported 84 trace minerals.

This Himalayan Salt Stone is a natural and incredible way to flavour your food grilling or cooking experience. It's easy to use and along with making better tasting food, it also makes a great presentation. Once you get cooking with the Himalayan Salt Stone you won't be able to stop. Try everything from the basics like vegetables, burgers or steak through the adventurous like scallops, salmon, trout, or fish of any type and more! You'll love the varying levels of salt infusion you get from your stone.

Pink Himalayan salt block has many uses, as a cooking block it holds heat for longer than a slab due to its thickness, but takes longer to heat up. it can also be used for dry ageing beef and even building walls.

The amazing seasoning potential of Himalayan Pink Salt, has now been fused with the cooking and serving processes to bring you a revolutionary piece of food technology. The Himalayan Pink Salt block are hand carved from solid rock salt. The slabs have a beautiful marble like appearance and are of the highest quality, you will find no better.

Uniquely Used as a serving platter/plate, this slab of salt has an awe-inspiring presence on any table. Serve with cold meats, sliced tomatoes, smoked salmon or sushi and more. Needing only a wipe down with a wet cloth and wiped dry, the slab will provide you with a very long period of use.

For cold foods

The Himalayan Salt Kitchen Slab is perfect for cold foods, too. Chill slab in the refrigerator (3 hours; freezer 1 hour) and then load with sushi, hors d'oeuvres, cheeses, deserts or slices of fruit. You'll love the delicate saltiness imparted to your food and the beautiful salt serving platter will become an instant hit with your guests.

For Hot Foods

Make sure the block is completely dry. If used previously, the block should have rested for at least 24 hours. Himalayan salt blocks like to be pampered, especially at first. So, as a rule, be especially careful the first few times you heat up your salt plate. The first few times you heat up your salt block, fissures and cracks will appear, and the colour may change from its original pink to a whiter colour. This is normal. However, after successive uses, you may find that the salt block regains some of its original hue, largely as a result of washing.

For a Gas Range: Put your salt block on the stove top. Set heat to low, give the block at least 15 minutes to heat up. You may notice moisture accumulating at the edges. As the salt block heats, this will evaporate off. The slower you do this, the better.

For an Electric Range:  If heating on the stovetop, select a circular ring of metal, such as a tart pan with a pop out bottom, pastry ring, or wok ring, and place it on the burner. Place the salt block on top of the ring. Place a circular ring of metal such as a tart pan with a pop-out bottom to create a small air gap between the heating element and the block. Once set up, heat similarly to a gas range. DO NOT PLACE DIRECTLY ONTO AN ELECTRIC RING ELEMENT.

For a domestic gas or electric Grill:  Place your salt block on the grill tray/pan and keep at a lower level within the grill compartment. Don’t try to heat it up faster by raising the grill towards the heat source. 15 minutes under the grill should work.

For a BBQ Grill:  Place your salt block on the grate. If using a charcoal grill, keep the coals to one side and place the block on the other side, to expose it to less direct heat. If using a gas grill, start the heat on low as you would with a gas range. Increase heat slowly until the block is ready to use, as described in the gas range instructions.

For an Oven:  We do not recommend using an oven to heat your salt block, as damage to your salt block and/or your oven may result.

 Preparing your salt block for the 1st time: Its recommended that you heat your salt block slowly. 20 minutes on low, then 20 minutes on medium and finally 20 minutes on high. This will have prepared your block for use. You only need to do this once.

How do you know when your block is ready to use? If you have a laser thermometer, the block should be at least 500 degrees F. If you don’t, simply sprinkle a few drops of water on the block. If they sizzle away instantly, the block should be hot enough.

Caring for a Salt Block:

Cleaning: If hot, allow your block to cool completely first. Moisten the salt block with a damp sponge (do not use soap). Scrub with a soft brush or green scouring (non abrasive) pad to remove any stuck matter, and wipe clean with the sponge. Try to keep the block as dry as possible – the less water the better. Repeat until the block is free of any cooked-on food. Tamp dry with a paper towel or clean cloth, and set on a drying rack. This process removes only a very thin layer of the salt and preserves a relatively smooth surface.

Treated with care, a salt block can provide long-term use. The powerful antimicrobial properties of the salt insure that it is always proper and ready for future use, with no need for detergents.

Storing: Store in any location where humidity is at a minimum. You can store the block wrapped in a dish or paper towel and put in the kitchen cupboard.

 DO NOT put the salt slab in the dishwasher or use detergents when cleaning.


The salt slabs are a natural product no two blocks will be exactly the same in colour, so if you buy 2, 3 or more, they will all be different in colour.

The Barbecue is by far the most versatile function for Himalayan salt blocks, allowing you to cook things you could never do on a barbecue before. No food or marinate falling onto the coals, heat up previously impossible food items such as fragile fruits and fragile vegetables, or just your usual veggie favourites like Quorn and Tofu.

Stone – 100% all natural Himalayan Pink Salt, resists bacteria growth.

Salt Slab - One of the best cooking and serving surfaces to be used on a grill or gas hob to naturally add flavour to your cooking or chilled for use as a serving dish.

Size: 20 x 10 x 2.5cm 

LOW postage cost = £1.50 UK ONLY

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 100% natural

Source: Himalaya, India

Manufacturer: Salt & More

Pink Himalayan Salt Block - for grilling, cooking & serving

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