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Picture-Jasper is one of the most famous and sought-after stones in the world.

It’s a beautiful form of Brown Jasper and can be described by its excellent and seemingly landscape patterns on its surface, formed over time by nature.

Why Would You Use Picture-Jasper?

  • Picture-Jasper is a great stone for meditation because it will merge your consciousness with the earth. 
  • It will show you how you can be ecologically responsible so that you will enjoy being here in this world together with other people and other living things.
  • Picture-Jasper will enhance your creativity and boost your visualization skills. 
  • Whatever you put your mind on, and whatever you desire, you will find it easier to achieve because it will be very clear in your mind!

This stone will also help you overcome writer’s block.

  • It’s perfect for artistic people who have trouble finding inspiration.
  • It will give you constant stimulation, which will result in a high level of productivity.
  • Picture-Jasper brings energies of connection and comfort. It will positively influence your home, and bring relaxation, composure, security, and stability in your life.


  • It can help in healing the body when it suffers injury or illness. It can also hasten the recovery period after a prolonged illness or an extended stay at the hospital.
  • It can also help you quit bad habits, like drinking and smoking, and make sure that you quit for good.
  • It can remove the toxins from your body.It can fortify your kidneys, as well as your intestines and your stomach. It can also be used to balance your body’s mineral content.

Picture Jasper - Tumblestone

    • It’s a beautiful form of brown/tan jasper that contains very intricate lines and colour variations that resemble a painting;
    • It's said to help us connect with the Earth and connect with energies from ancient civilizations to gain knowledge and wisdom;
    • Each piece of picture jasper is said to contain a picture that carries guidance/knowledge from the past or from significant locations on the Earth.
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