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Great the aid peacful dreams and connection with the Angelic Realm.

Our Opalite palmstone or worry stone is the perfect tool for anyone looking to tap into the power of this magical stone.

The smooth, polished surface of the stone is perfect for rubbing during meditation or moments of stress, helping to soothe worries and ease anxiety.

Whether you're a seasoned crystal user or just starting out on your spiritual journey, our Opalite palmstone or worry stone is a must-have addition to your collection.



Opalite palmstone or worry stone - beautiful quality

PriceFrom £2.00
  • All appx dimensions.

    Small: 26 -28mm x 32mm

    Medium: 28 - 32mm x 36mm

    Large: 36 - 41mm x 40mm

  • When placed over your crown chakra, it will stimulate your visions and enhance your psychic powers.

    Opalite is also very beneficial for communication on a spiritual level.

    It will help you connect with and receive messages from the spirit world. Its energies will also help you interpret the visions and messages that you receive.

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