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Manifestation Quartz

  • has a special focus on the creation and “Manifestation” processes, however – they are far from one trick ponies!
  • Meditating with these crystals is one of the best ways to access, and utilise their manifesting powers.
  • They are very powerful crystals and easy to connect with, even for people new to crystal energy
  • Quietly sit with them, and focus upon what it is you wish to manifest into your life.
  • As ever, what you “need” will come easier than what you “want”.
  • Communicate with the crystals using which ever technique you are most comfortable with
  • Tip: Hold them when watching TV at night and visualise your manifestation, you will start today dream - it's what it feels like

Manifestation Quartz (A Grade) Powerful and high-energy Tumblestone

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