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Larimar, also called dolphin stone or blue pectolite, is an excellent earthing stone—it allows you to connect on a spiritual level to all things natural. It enhances consciousness and encourages a meditative state, removes blockages, and supports playful, childlike energy, and reconnects women to their feminine energy.


The full “personality” of a gemstone takes quite a while to be fully understood, and any experiences with it are highly valued at this stage.

Larimar is a serene crystal that can promote relaxation and calm. It is a popular choice for a “worry stone,” a smoothly polished stone that is held in the hand and rubbed by the thumb as a folk practice for relieving anxiety.

Larimar’s connection with the element of water – which is the element that rules our emotions – means that it is a wonderful stone to use for all manner of anxiety related to emotional issues, such as that caused by relationships, social anxiety, guilt, or anxiety caused by “thinking bad thoughts.”


It is connected with the throat chakra, which is the chakra of communication (and usually characterized with a bright blue or turquoise colour).

It makes it much easier to communicate about issues of both emotion and fear, and promote confidence in speaking about these issues.


What is so special about Larimar?

 Larimar was first mined less than 50 years ago and is only found in one location on earth, a remote mountain region in the Dominican Republic. People are drawn, not only to the beautiful color, but also what it represents. The rare blue gemstone is also known to be a healing stone, which is just one of many metaphysical properties of Larimar.

Larimar - POLISHED, Dolphin Stone, blue pectolite - A GRADE

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  • This listing is for one (1) piece of quality natural A-Grade POLISHED Larimar. You will receive your piece(s) from the lot shown in our picture. These have great color and all could be polished or cut to make stunning jewellery.

    Sizes vary, most are picked between approximately XXXmm -XXX0mm

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