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With prominent yellow and gold Angel hair

Large rectangular fitting with rounded edges.


Stunning quality.

Solid 925 silver setting and 925 silver chain.


Beautiful for a jewellery lover

From a spiritual growth and healing point of view.........


This type of crystal is said to help with:

🤍 Healing of mind, body and spirit

🤍Transforming negative energy to positive

🤍Help to maifest your deepest desires

🤍Spiritual growth




Large Rutilated Angel Hair necklace (Solid silver setting and silver chain)

  • Health Benefits of Rutile Quartz

    If you are feeling tired or lack motivation, Rutile Quartz is the gemstone for you, it will have you up and about in no time.

    Rutile Quartz is great for the respiratory system, alleviating bronchitis and asthma, as well issues with mental faculties such as dementia, senility and ADHD.

    Hair, teeth, fingernails and skin will also reap the benefits of the presence of Rutile Quartz.

    I am not sure if this should be in the emotional or physical section but anyone suffering from irrational fears or phobias (or a rational fear of spiders) could be helped by this versatile gemstone.

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