Jade (Nephrite) 

This is the real deal, Nephrite from Myanmar, hence coming with a clightly higher price tag than New Jade.

This is the same stone that the Chinese worship like nothing else on earth. It still commands a very high value but not as high as pure Jadeite (when there is no inclusions or added minerals) fetch thousands of dollars in Jade markets.


  • in Chinese tradition that Green Jade symbolized the five virtues of humanity, which are courage, modesty, justice, compassion, and wisdom; a symbol of serenity, tranquillity, and purity;
  • a stone that’s believed to bring in good luck, friendship, peace, and harmony;
  • Jade is also known as a protective stone because of its abilities to ward off the negative energies that surround you; will show you how you can become more creative and resourceful, and it will encourage you not to be held back by your self-imposed limitations;
  • Green Jade is a stone that will help you in the manifestation of your dreams into reality;
  • It’s considered a very lucky gemstone, usually bringing the peace and harmony in tense or conflicted situations;
  • It will also ensure that you have serenity and stability in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspect of your life;
  • This stone will show you that when everything in your life is at peace and in balance, it will be so much easier to manifest and achieve your goals;
  • Green Jade will also instill courage and compassion in you. The more wealth and abundance that you receive, the more generous you will also become

Jade (Genuine Nephrite) Tumblestone (Myanmar) GENUINE CRYSTAL