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Get ready for iTOVi 2.0

Please do not click buy, kindly email us or message us on Facebook to arrange visiting the Urban Wellness Hub where you can see the iTOVi in action, if you are local. Or there is the link to buy your iTOVi shown down below.

If you seriously want to grow your Essential Oil business then this is the "Must Have" tool to help you get to the next level.

An easy to use app for your phone or tablet plus the simple scanner make this a tool that is a must for anyone.

For more information on how iTOVi works click here

-  A truly great tool for when you are providing therapies to clients

- You have essential oils in your life but don't use them in the way you know you could, to assist in everyday health and wellbeing?

- Use iTovi for yourself, your family and your children's needs - no need to guess.

- Do you have to guess what oils or supplements you need to support your body's own internal healing

- Maybe you want to develop a better, more all-round, holistic health, wellbeing and wellness routine. iTOVi can help you

- You can monitor your own (or family) development. Checking with your iTovi every week or two will see what's been happening in your body. What needs a little tweaking or see how your body had adapted.

- A great tool to use at events you host, or in the office or at social networking events

Any further questions on iTOVi unit please click here

Or if you want to see an actual Report click here

Maybe you know about iTovi and just want to order one.  Buy your own scanner here:

Please go into our link below where you can find out more information about price options, you can choose one of the two plans iTOVi offer: either a monthly fee or buy it for a one-off fee.

Please find that link here:

Where does the iTOVi ship from?
It is a US company that makes the iTOVi scanners, hence the price in dollars.

However, the iTOVi scanners are shipped from inside Europe (not the USA), and delivery time is usually 3-4 days.

They will ship directly to you, and it comes with a one year guarantee from iTOVI direct.

Once you buy your own iTOVI, they send you a unique referral code, which you can pass onto family and friends. This means any future commission goes to you and not us. If this doesn't interest you, then kindly feel free to use our code:

If you have any further questions, please just ask as we have a European iTOVi sales contact we can put you in touch with.

Thank you

Any questions - please message us.

iTOVI 2.0 Scanner - great for personal use, build your network

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