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Showing crystals supiciously like: amethyst, quartz, garnet


Fluorite comes in a multitude of colours (rainbow, green, purple, red, , banding, patterns, swirls and often has other crystals embedded or sitting alongside Fluorite - it's not uncommon for Amethyst, Peridot, Onyx, different types of Jaspers, quartz (smokey, clear, citrine), Tourmaline, Ametrine or other weirder things to be present when mined. Sadly we never always see these crystals as many are Gem Graded and head off down the jewellery route where the good stuff if extracted out by craftsmen and then heads into the jewellery market.


Otherwise straight Fluorite isn't mundane, far from it. Fluorite is one of the crsytals you can never get tired off seeing and holding. It is packed with energy and power.  The main Fluorite colours seen are:


Green Fluorite

Green Fluorite utilises Wood energy, the energy of growth, expansion, new beginnings, nourishment and health. It enhances vitality, brings abundance, and keeps us growing physically.

Purple Fluorite

It carries a calm, stable frequency that brings order to chaos, and scattered and discordant energies into cohesion and harmony. Fluorite supports spirituality and thought, focus and concentration, and balance in all aspects of one's life.

Rainbow Fluorite

Rainbow Fluorite has a calming energy, bringing order to a chaotic mind and facilitating clear verbalisation of ideas once muddled. Rainbow Fluorite cleanses, stabilises and protects the aura, and improves physical and mental coordination.


Fluorite in general absorbs and neutralises negative energy and stress. An excellent learning aid, Fluorite increases our powers of concentration, self-confidence and helps us in decision-making. It encourages positivity, balances the energies, and improves balance and coordination, both physically and mentally.


Pure fluorite is transparent, both in visible and ultraviolet light, but impurities usually make it a colorful mineral and the stone has ornamental and lapidary uses.


By balancing and clearing your heart chakra and your third eye chakra and crown chakras, the Fluorite crystal meaning can cleanse your heart and your head of negative energy or limiting beliefs so you can live your life to the fullest without holding back.


Note: We only get around 15 - 20 Gem Graded Fluorite obelisks per year. We charge the normal mark-up as we do other gemstones and crystals, so no seller premium pricing as far as Earthstore is concerned.


Watch Out - Fake Fluorite About !!!

A lot of bad, bad stuff being sold online. Even Fluorite.

Fake Fluorite has a plastic feel, it's sounds like plastic when its tapped on another stone, its light weight and even if it is glass it feels too light weight. Genuine Fluorite has less vibrant and frequent colour banding, it is expensive, and it is very heavy for even a crystal point that can fit in your palm.


EARTHSTORE is a small family business based in Aberdeen, Scotland.

We buy only from a select number of ethical wholesalers in the UK and three other family-owned businesses in India, Bali and China, all of whom care as much as we do about sustainability, the environment, ethics in mining, people welfare, carbon footprint, zero child labour and reducing waste wherever possible.

What does our tag line mean "Making crystals affordable to all". When people shop with us, many people say, "this is so cheap, I paid lots more for the same thing at ....", we inform our customers that our overheads, our wholesale sources (in the UK and overseas) are different from others. We can’t ever be the lowest cost, because we know we can't compete with so many overseas businesses selling the “SAME LOOKING” item.

We have spent years buying samples and making sure what we offer is solid, sound and we know is ethically sourced. For that level of distinction, we know we pay a premium, what we offer is genuine value for money to our customers, never knowingly over pricing our items.



Note: our photos are never re-touched. No software enhancements. Shot with a Huawei P20 Pro phone, but please appreciate computer screens vary in colour display.
Quartz spheres, carved shapes, selenite and other translucent or transparent objects are shot with an LED back light to try and show what’s inside the item. If you need more picture, don’t hesitate to call me.

GEM GRADED Fluorite Obelisk - Mexico. Stunning display (1.4kg - 250X70X48mm)

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