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Stunningly beautiful skin and facial rollers.

High quality crystal and frames.

Envigorate the blood cells under the skin and get circulation moving

Options include:

  • Double ended - both smooth rollers
  • Double ended - One smooth roller and one exfoliated end
  • Single ended - with exfoliated roller
  • Single smooth end


Though these face rollers have been around since the 17th century in China, it wasn't until recently that they have become popular thanks to the beauty blogger crowd.

Face rollers are touted as an effective tool for achieving clear skin. Plus, advocates say that rolling the crystal across the skin can drain excess fluids from the face, help skincare products better absorb into the skin, and even combat wrinkles. (The large roller is meant for your forehead, cheeks and neck while the small roller is for under the eyes and around the mouth.)

Some beauty magazine editors have expressed skepticism around face rollers and whether they're effective. Others have written glowing reviews about how relaxing the facial ritual is.


Julie Civiello Polier is a reiki master and shamanic facial practitioner and writes about them below...

Face rollers are reportedly good for stimulating the lymphatic system.

Julie states: Jade or other gem stone rollers are, indeed, beneficial for stimulating the lymph system, which is this vital fluid responsible for relieving the body of its waste and toxins, allowing for a flourishing and healthy immune system. When following the patterns of manual lymph drainage, using an intentional and almost feather-light touch, one is assisting the lymph system to flow and release.


Face rollers are good for helping with under-eye circles, wrinkles, acne, and helping skincare products absorb more easily into the skin?

Facial rollers do aid with under-eye puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles, acne and product penetration. As for under eye circles this is caused from blockages and tension not allowing the fluids to flow as optimally. The facial rollers assists in that movement, bringing fresh fluid, as well as inviting oxygenated blood to the area, which is like food for the skin. When it comes to wrinkles the facial roller, when used vigorously, can stimulate collagen production so those cells are creating that strength and buoyancy in the tissue, alleviating those crevices.

And if we simplify acne into a blanket statement of inflammation, a chilled facial roller can certainly assist with bringing down all of that fluid that can accumulate around those pimples. Product penetration: Yes, the facial roller is providing that light pressing into the skin for serums or oils to deeply penetrate into the skin so the layers below can receive that fuel and hydration.


A bit more information about the gemstones / crystals are below....

New "Jade" History

New "jade" is not actually jade, but actually a type of light green serpentine. The stone earned this tradename for its similarities in appearance to jade as well as similar metaphysical properties. Serpentine gemstones have been used as a source of magnesium, asbestos and for personal adornment or sculpture throughout history. Various serpentine minerals have even been used in architecture for thousands of years. New "jade" and other serpentine minerals are known for being easy to cut and for taking a good polish.

Check out more on ade HERE, opens new window.


Amethyst (pronounced AM-eh-thihst) is one of the most common--and popular--gemstone materials. This variety of quartz ranges in color from deep purple to pale lavender depending on the presence of manganese and iron.

The origin of this gemstone, according to the ancient Greeks, was the nymph named Amethystos. She refused the attentions of Dionysus, the god of wine and intoxication. As he pursued her, she prayed for protection and to preserve her chastity. The virgin goddess Artemis answered her call for help, transforming the nymph into a white or clear stone. The story ends with Dionysus pouring his wine over the stone--either accidentally or deliberately--dyeing the crystal purple.

With purple dye being the royal choice in the ancient Mediterranean, the amethyst quickly became associated with wealth and power. It traditionally adorned the robes and crowns of rich and powerful monarchs, being viewed as equal in value to ruby, emerald and sapphire. Amethyst still holds a place in the halls of power, being worn by church officials in the Church of Scotland, the Anglican/Episcopal hierarchies and the Roman Catholic church.

The British Crown Jewels include a number of pieces with amethyst, including the Royal Sceptre with the Cross, the Kent Demi-Parure and numerous brooches worn by Queen Elizabeth II and other female members of the family. Other royal families have amethyst-studded tiaras and parures in their own collections.

Amethyst is the birthstone for February.

More about Amethyst HERE


Rose Quartz

Rose quartz came to be known as the stone of love and reconciliation from the Greek myth about Aphrodite and Adonis. Their blood was commingled when Aphrodite was cut by a thorn bush while saving Adonis from an attack by Ares (disguised as a wild boar). Their blood stained white quartz to make it a rose-pink color. Later, it became customary for the Romans to use the stone as a gift of love.

Check out more on Pink Rose Quartz HERE, opens new window.


**Please note that all metaphysical or healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions. EARTHSTORE.CO.UK does not guarantee the validity of any of these statements.

Green New Jade (Jadite) Facial Skin Roller - genuine high quality crystal

PriceFrom £13.49
  • We have put together a detailed information sheet which helps you get the best out of using a skin/facial roller. Each roller we sell includes the information sheet.

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