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Personally curated Amethyst Pineapple Cactus Spirit AURA Quartz piece, hand chosen from the finest range possible by our UK ethical importer.

Stunning and beautiful, unique, very hard to find crystal!


This specific piece has 4 distinctive points! Purple, gold, silver blue and every colour of the psychedelic rainbow shows through. A real collectable item.


'Spirit Quartz / Cactus Quartz is a quartz habit which is 100% unique to the Boekenhouthoek deposits of South Africa. Since its discovery specimens have always been highly sought-after out of the South African mines. Younger deposits had exceptional dark intense colour with more recent deposits being lighter in colour and some section producing mixed amethyst and citrine like colouration, hence aptly named ametrine spirit quartz.

These crystals have been AURA COATED (with micron thin gold) to provide the psychedelic colour experiences. Truly spectacular and amazing to simply stare at, for long periods of time. I am talking from experience, as I can't help looking at them, for long, long periods of time.


Pineapple Cactus Spirit Angel Quartz AURA - HAND PICKED (131.87g)#2

£101.50 Regular Price
£76.13Sale Price
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