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We managed to grab a few of these amazing Crsytal Balls from the Cindy Grundsten collection.


Some of you might remember when you went to local fairs like Peter Fair, Ecky Brae and many others throughout the country. Been to Blackpool, Scarborough and other coastal fair towns.

Many of the fortune tellers used these types of balls,


Designed by Cindy Grundsten: These amazing crystal balls come complete with decorative box which has been designed by Cindy Grundsten. A great altar piece or kept especially for scrying whilst being stored in it’s own box. These crystal balls come with a stand and measure 80mm and 60mm diameter respectively. Boxes measure approximately  13.5cm high X 11.5cm width. 


What will your crystal ball manifest for you? Scrying/ divination / gazing with a crystal ball is an art, which can also be known as crystal gazing or crystallomancy. Crystal gazing are the portal to the Akashic records (all that is, all that has been and all that will be) with the principle that everything and everyone is connected together in an interconnected energy web.

Great for anyone who has an interest in scrying or crystal visioning or starting out and believe they have some latent  , with a 2 sizes available.


You may choose to keep these on your special place in the house, be that a place where you meditate, relax, or even and altar wher you want to keep some things more sacred.  Just cover with a black or light-proof cloth to protect energies from absorbing or escaping if not in use. Make a great gift for those interested in vision work.


Cindy Grundsten Crystal Ball - gazing or crystal visioning, manifest, scrying

PriceFrom £10.99
  • From Cindy directly: I am a fortunate woman who has received the gift of seeing and practicing art. I create images both in photo manipulation, and also through photography.

    more to follow

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