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Bronzite is a crystal that has various properties, such as:

  • Promoting peace, balance, empathy, and forgiveness
  • Helping to stay calm under stress
  • Being a strong psychic protector
  • Displaying a metallic or sub-metallic luster
  • Appearing as a bronze-brown color
  • Large: appx size 44mm - 47mm length (almost round in shape)
  • Medium: appx size 40mm - 44mm length and width appx 31mm

Also called "the stone of courtesy", one of its greatest effects is precisely to calm the moods linked to anger and thus promote the relationship with others. I advise you to use it if, for example, you are experiencing conflicts in the family or with a colleague, maybe linked to envy or you tend to compare yourself with others and you can't live healthy friendship relationships.

Bronzite palm stone 2 sizes - stay calm under stress

PriceFrom £3.50
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