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How can you get excited over bulbs?  We are.

We have managed to secure a small amount of these 6W and 9W bulbs for selenite lamps.

High quality LED bulbs manufactured by a well known UK lamp manufacturing company. These are unbranded boxes and we have tested many of them out, they are fantastic.


LED bulbs really show off your selenite lamp with the brightness of these LED bulbs.

There is a photos of lamps showing the comparison between oven bulbs and LED.


These are not the fat Corn bulb, but slim bulbs that will make your selenite lamp look even more stunning.



Pack size: 1

E14 base fitting for Selenite Lamps

6W or 9W


UK bulb manufacturer


Selenite BRIGHT COOL WHITE LED Lamp bulbs 6W & 9W

PriceFrom £4.99
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