Bowenite (New Jade)

Meanings and Properties of Bowenite - works for the Heart Chakra

Sometimes also called Tangiwaite or Tangawaite

Bowenite is one of the most common varieties of serpentine in the gem trade. Actually, this stone can be worn as a lucky charm and utilised as a talisman. When placed in your house, it can be extremely beneficial for your inactive and lazy pets.

Why You Use Bowenite?

Bowenite has healing energies that will protect you from your foes as well as other negative forces. This stone will also keep you secure from any harm by simply making a defensive energy ground around you.

Though it is an unusual stone, Bowenite is a great gemstone that will actually protect you on an emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental level.

On the other hand, the energies of this stone will motivate you to discharge your suppressed or hidden emotions through dreams. In addition to that, it will motivate you to trust in your own physical capabilities because Bowenite will promote psychic growth as well.

Bowenite, however, makes your connection to your forefather stronger. Aside from that, it motivates you to accept the actions of the past wholeheartedly.

Its supportive energies will offer you the independence to travel wherever you want and do the things that make you happy. 

For Health and Healing

Bowenite Benefits

Often, Bowenite is used for crystal healing related to the head and particularly your scalp.


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