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Blue Obsidian

  • Obsidian is an excellent grounding, protection and transmutation stone.
  • Obsidian stimulates visioning during meditation;
  • Blue Obsidian stimulates and enhances all forms of communication and lingual skills, when used at the throat chakra; aids divination, psychometric and psychic development pursuits;
  • provides intuitive knowledge when travelling;
  • enhances creativity;
  • Blue Obsidian birthstone meaning is one that is believed to hold reliable psychic protection. And is closely related to the spiritual world and may stimulate the gift of prophecy.
  • The stone is found to open one’s ability to communicate and shield you from the negativity.


 Crystal Healing Uses - Blue Obsidian can be used to treat ear, eye, nose and throat disorders and can assist and support treatments for stammering; has been used to clear mental confusion and psychosis.

Blue Obsidian Tumblestone

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