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These are long-burn, PREMIUM incense cones which are HAND-MADE in India for our ethical UK importer and supplier.

This is imitation Nag Champa, not made by Satya. But, they have a very pleasant fragrance not disimilar to the real thing and made in the same rural area as the real stuff.

We burned quite a few cones to get the average burn time and this measured in at 14 minutes 23 secs, so not bad for a quick-infusion and blast of Nag Champa fragrance into your room. And of course, watching the spectacular cascading mist coming down your burner or dish. 


WARNING: These cones are vastly superior to the cones and incense sticks that come from China, but are a little more expensive. Check out online feedback on what people say about the Chinese manufactured cones.

When these cones are burned, the smoke flows down the incense tower or dish like a cascading waterfall, creating an unusual and truly beautiful effect. The mist tail can go down as far as 25cm beyond the backflow burner.

  • Each FULL box contains approx 225 pieces (500g) so will last you a very long time. 
  • We sell in smaller convenient sized packs that are great value for money.
  • Size of a single cone: height 3cm, diameter 1cm, weight 2g. 
  • These are long-burn premium cones


Light the cone and it will begin to generate smoke that is heavier than air around it, and so it will fall dramatically in swirls and twists, down through the hole at the base of your burner to create a mesmerising effect and fill your room with a delicate fragrance.


These cones are only for use with Back Flow Incense Burners or smudging abalone shells for example

Back Flow Premium LONG BURN Incense Cones - Nag Champa. 20, 40, 80, 100, 225

PriceFrom £2.40
  • FULL: BOX = 225 individual cones

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