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There is a fable stating that apache tears were formed from the tears of sorrow of old and widowed women.

The women, after losing their husbands in the war, wept, and the tears resulted in the creation of the apache tears crystal. The crystal, as a result, is a symbol of strength and compassion. It symbolizes the love of the wives, old mothers, and sisters of the people who lost their lives in war.


Apache Tears Metaphysical Meaning 

Apache tears crystal is known for its magical metaphysical properties. The stone has claimed effects on the lives of the wearer. It may help you get rid of any kind of negative influences and energies from your life. The metaphysical properties allow you to develop a positive mindset and improve your finances.


Apache Tears Chakra

The chakras associated with apache tears crystal are the root chakra, sacral chakra, and heart chakra. Apache tears crystal is believed to activate the kundalini energy. The heart, root, and sacral chakras, when at work together, can create miraculous effects. 

The head, which is where all understanding happens, is believed to link with the heart, the domain of feeling, to lead to understanding and compassion. The sacral chakra and root chakra help you to stay positive and make you capable of handling difficult situations in life.

Apache Tears - polished, Arizona: Grief, Loss, Fear, Courage

PriceFrom £2.00
  • Sizes

    Med appx: 10mm - 15mm x 10mm - 15mm

    LGE appx: 20 - 30mm

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