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Scottish Police Recreation Association

Earthstore are really pleased to be listed on the SPRA Website, making our huge range of crystal items, Himalayan Salt and Selenite lamps and diffusers available to members via the SPRA site. The range includes:

  • Premium quality 'madebyzen' diffusers and ionisers

  • |'essentoil' diffusers

  • Pink Himalayan Salt lamps, candle holders, USB Lamps, unusual shaped lamps and any other items

  • Selenite Lamps, candle holders and any other selenite items

  • Crystal displays such as:

    • Amethyst cut displays, candle holders, tumblestones, oblisks, jewellery

    • Orange, green and blue calcite display chunks

    • Shungite (famous for it's 5G protection), mobile phone plates, necklaces, pyramids, bags of Shungite for your drinking water, chunks for display or near you electrical equipment.

    • Different types of Sage for smudging, Palo Santo wood and Abalone Shells

    • Incense sticks and holders

    • Tumblestones and Palmstones, of which there are too many to list

    • Crystal spheres: all colours of quartz, selenite, rainbow obsidian, mangano calcite, honey calcite, 7 chakra, pyrite and more

    • Obelisk points: amethyst, rose quartz, fluorite, snow quartz, clear quartz, titanium lemurian quartz, cinibar, citrine, smoky quartz, labradorite and more

Videos of our product range will be available on the website and pictures available upon request for SPRA Members that can't visit us during these Covid times, or if the Member lives outwith Aberdeen.

NOTE: All lamp fittings are tested to BS EN 60598-1-2008 & BS EN 60598-2-4:1998. Complying with: The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulation 1994

Contact Nigel for more information:

Mobile: 07488385013 or email: info@


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