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Ethical and Sustainability Statement by EARTHSTORE



We strive to offer the best quality of minerals and crystals at an affordable price.

Our Tag Line is...."Making crystals affordable to everyone"

All of EARTHSTORE mineral and crystal items are sourced from mines that have been Ethically Audited. This means the working conditions for the labourers must meet or exceed certain standards, where safety and health of workers are paramount.

We buy from two wholesalers based in the UK, who have demonstrated to us that they really do audit the family mines they buy from. There are no half measures or short-cuts. Welfare of people are at the top of their priority list. So this means safe mining conditions, safety equipment is used, personal protective clothing is supplied and used by all mining staff. Lost Time Incidents (LTIs) reports are reviewed and checked.

Many of the mines now look at sustainability by implementing simple but effective measures when extracting. All the mines where the crystals are sourced from have a sustainability policy.

We do not buy any items from any countries that do not have nor recognise basic human rights such as Tanzania (where the stunning Tanzanite comes from) because they still use child labour and slave labour. Iran is on our black list as is Somalia, Sudan North and South. Yemen, Syria, Hungary, Israel, Gambia, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. This may change in future when the countries change.

None of the crystals we buy are sourced from large mining conglomerates or are associated with big foreign owned shippers, whose single and only objective is to maximise profits. Sadly, often at the cost to people.


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