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Properties, healing qualities and other information

How do I use my bottle?

Studies have shown that the change to the water molecules made by gemstones happens in around seven minutes. Fill your bottle with whatever water you choose to drink, leave it in the bottle for approximately ten minutes and then enjoy!

The gemstones or crystal don't touch the water - so how does it work?

The energy from the gemstones charges the water regardless of the barrier. This has long been a tradition of gemstone water as certain stones are toxic to put directly into your drinking water.

Gemstones have the amazing property that they absorb energy from light, heat and pressure and convert it into electric energy – each emitting a unique frequency. This is why quartz is used in watches, mobile phones, radar equipment etc.

Just as putting ice all around a glass of water (heat energy) rather than in the water itself will still cool it, or shining a torch through a glass (light energy) will still light up the water, so putting gemstones around your water will still restructure it.

Can I swap out the gemstones - or add my own?

Tritan Bottle: The gemstones are sealed in a splash of spring water in the chamber and are not exchangeable. We offer twelve different gemstone combinations for you to choose from.

Glass Bottle: You cannot use your own gemstones, but you can unscrew the cap at the base of the bottles, unclip the the gem chamber and replace it with a different one. The gem chambers for glass bottles can be bought individually.

 How do I clean my bottle?

The gemstones need no specific cleaning or care. (Individual users may choose to charge the stones according to one of many traditions) The bottle can be hand washed with warm soapy water and well-rinsed.

There are some white marks on my bottle when it arrived - what is this?

 We wash all bottles after production in Malvern spring water and air dry them. This can sometimes leave water marks, which you can simply rinse off. We do this as we prefer not to use any kind of washing liquids or chemicals to clean the bottles out of respect for clients who prefer not to use these products.

Are the gemstones real or synthetic ?

All of our gemstones are genuine, A-grade natural stones and ethically sourced.

Can you recommend a bottle for me?

I’m afraid not. All of the information on bewater’s products and the practice of making and using gem water that bewater supply is information they have found in books and articles that inspire them. None of the theories or practices originate with bewater and they never present them as medical advice. Use bewater products for inspiration, hydration and joy – for all other conditions: please call your healthcare professional!

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