Yellow Jasper

Yellow jasper is a powerful and its yellow colour which gives the amazing protection to the owner. 

Yellow jasper is known as the healers of the spirit, stones of wisdom and courage and also the nurturers and rain bringers. This stone is also a symbol of wealth and power which make it happen with gold and pyrite.

There are many properties that are associated with yellow jasper which makes it very much essential and worth having for. The list goes on, but we’ll help you know about a few of its amazing properties that you will be amazed to know about. It reminds you to remain grounded and spread happiness and positivity. Well, these properties are also written and were believed by many of the ancient believers and people who knew the values associated with these stones.

Other properties of Yellow Jasper include the power of stimulating and balancing the chakras of the solar plexus. It helps in Clearing up the mind from worries and also makes it tension free as well as stress-free making it easier for the person to work efficiently and move toward achieving the goal that one has set up. It prevents you from stepping backward and instead of regression works on your progressing aspects.

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Yellow Jasper - Large Tumble Stones

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  • 20-30mm