Desk / Vehicle Dry Mister 

with options for:

No refill or 1 x 2.5L Disinfect Refill


Ideal either by your office desk or in your vehicle, this personal  humidifier when used with Dew Disinfect, disperses a completely harmless dry mist which sanitises the surrounding air that you breathe. 

The  unit is compact and powered by USB so can be plugged into your PC/laptop or into you vehicle's lighter socket and sits in your cup holder.  It  can be run constantly or with 3 second bursts and has optional 7 colour  lighting effects, which looks really nice and relaxing.


Perfect for office desks, cars, trucks, delivery vans, lorries, taxis and vehicle fleets. Great for camping and caravan, sheds, allotments, garages, boats, when you need mobility. Take it on holiday with you or when visiting friends or family.


Each mister comes with a 2.5L Dew Disinfect Refill (optional with or without refill)


Product Size: 68W x 68D x 148H (mm) 
Water Capacity: 230ml


NOTE: the unit is powered from a USB power source (not supplied) but can be powered in a car with a standard micro USB cable. In the home, plug it into almost any phone/tablet charger.

Alternatively, use as Power Bank (the same as the one used to charge mobile phones).

Available to purchase from us. See POWER BANK ITEMS HERE

DEW Vehicle Personal Portable Dry Mister Multi-Colour changing

  • DEW Products are manufactured to the highest quality and comply with the following European Standards: EN901, EN1276, EN1499, EN1500, EN1656, EN13623, EN13697 & EN14476. If however, you are in anyway dissatisfied with this product please do not hesitate to contact us. This does not affect your statutory rights.

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