500ml Spray utilising Electrolysed Water

​Welcome to a new kind of Cleaner and Degreaser, powered by electrolysed water;  safer to use, kind to your skin and kinder to the environment. DEW  Superclean is a multi-surface, low-streak cleaner and degreaser  providing excellent performance for all cleaning challenges,  significantly outperforming the competition.

  • 100% Biodegradable

  • As per the regulations for toxic compounds (548/67/EWG)

  • FREE FROM harsh chemicals

  • Hypoallergenic, non-irritant and non-staining

  • Kind to your skin and the environment

  • Rapid cleaning and degreasing

  • Perfect for stainless steel

  • Anti-fogging on glass, cleaning of surfaces

  • Effective soil repellency on glass and ceramic surfaces

  • Excellent when used on your car

  • Just 99.6% water

Direction for Use: Spray liberally onto the surface to be cleaned or degreased, allow some dissolving action to be visible (usually 2-3 minutes) before wiping  with an absorbent cloth. If grease is very thick, a second application  may be required. No waiting time is needed before wiping and polishing.  Can be applied through spraying equipment, pressure cleaning, steam  cleaning, immersion soaks, or small utilities such as sponge or mop.  Rinse after use on food preparation areas.

Ingredients: water < 99.6%, salt < 0.15%, active ingredient: Sodium Hydroxide < 0.05% & Cationic Surfactant > 0.2%