We have these lovely tear drop-shaped, rainbow crystal light catchers back in stock after a long wait. We waited until we could get the same quality as the ones we were previously selling. We bought several samples and none of them were quite as goos as the originals we used to keep in stock.


Same as last time, they are 63mm long with a small discreet hole at the top. Ideal for hanging on windows to catch the light and casting rays of rainbow colours throughout your room. The prism is really well constucted so it catches light from any direction, regardless of how much or little light there is, and send the colour beams shooting into the room.


We have used these in the house for more years than I care to remember. In the morning, you sluggishly come down to your kitchen and then you see these beautiful rays of light. Enough to make you think, each time you see them, WOW, they are so stunning. They cheer me up no end. I love them.

Also, we have a couple of these outdoors at the Urban Wellnes Hub.


  • Material: White Crystal (not glass) like a chandelier tear drop
  • Size: (Approx) 63mm
  • Color: clear but multi-colour in light
  • Type: Drop/Hang
  • Suitable for:outdoors or indoors
  • In package: 1 x crystal light catcher and 1 x generous length of cord
  • Fixing: there is a very discreet small hole at the top. We supply a cord or you can use a nylon thread to hang the crystal. Or you can use thin nylon fishing line.


Sun Catcher, Dream Crystal, Window Rainbow Crystal, Light Catcher,Feng Shu 63mm

£12.99 Regular Price
£11.69Sale Price

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