We are offering a brilliant starter kit for people that may not have tried smudging or cleansing before, or would like a comprehensive kit. Our bundle includes everything you really need to kick-out that negative energy from your home or work place:

  1. Palo Santo wood sticks (sustainable and genuine) 25g 1st Grade sticks.
  2. World No.1 best selling packet of Nag Champra by Satya - Incense Sticks
  3. Desert Sage Spirit® sage smudging bundle
  4. Abalone shell (smudging dish)
  5. Mango Wood incense stick ashcatcher / holder (sustainable wood)
  6. Beautiful Rose Quartz Heart


Our EARTHSTORE smudging and cleansing starter kit provides everything you will need.  In addition to the products (the pack that you buy), we also provide a private  link to a video on YouTube that will show you how to take your first steps towards smudging or cleansing and how to make it work for you.

A bit more about each item below:


1. Green Palo Santo Sticks

Palo Santo literally means holy wood and is, just as white sage, originated from the native Indians in South America. Centuries ago they already used it during ceremonies to clear the aura and to heal from negative influences. 

In Europe too, people choose to buy the holy wood to clean their houses or just for the fragrances in its purest form. 

The fragrance can be described as a warm, wooden and lightly aroma with a sweet touch that sometimes slips through. In comparison with white sage (that is also used for the same purpose), Palo Santo gives off a very mild but not unpleasant odor.


Sustainable: Our Palo Santo is 1st Grade wood amd comes from naturally occuring fallen branches and limbs.


2. Nag Champa by Satya incense sticks

Nag Champa is probably the best selling incense on the planet!

The original Blue pack made famous by the patronage of Satya Sai Baba is now only one of a whole range of incense and other scented products made with this distinctive fragrance.

You just light one of these lovely incense sticks and let it fill the room up and release a beautiful aroma.

  • Sticks: Each pack contains appx 15 Incense Sticks.  
  • Approx burn time: 30-40 minutes.

Sustainable: Satya uses only sustainable sourced bamboo from their own plantations across India. Thus guaranteeing their sustainability statement.


3. Desert Sage Wand

  • Sourced from individuals that hold ethics and deep core values that we love.
  • This is genuine Sage Spirit® sage smudging bundles. We buy directly from the Sage Spirit®  UK Licensed Importer.
  • Clean and light Smelling, not bitter.

Uses: Cleanse space's and people. Celebrate specific aspects of life, the seasons & cycles. Use to lift an area or acknowledge loved ones. Great for generating clean, fresh energy throughout the home.

Get rid of negative energies by smudging.


Smudging is a traditional ritual from native american people and many other cultures, (to smudge is to purify with smoke). The wand is lit and then blown out and then as the smoke arises you can use a feather or hand to smudge a person, room or space. 

Place in heat resistant dish or smudge bowl between uses.

Sustainable: Sage Spirit® is hand-picked from wild bushes and foothills in the desert, following hundreds of years of tradition. Organic & sustainable.

    4. Abalone Shell

    The abalone shell is used to store the Palo Santo or Sage sticks in when they are smouldering.

    Note: these shells are from fish farms and (not really vegan friendly) but recycled and naturally beautiful.


    5. Mango Wood Incense Burner

    Mango Wood Ashcatchers are lovingly handmade in India by a number of companies all of which produce wood-wares in the city of Saharanpur in Northern India. This region has a proud artisan history of producing beautiful woodware and we are proud to support this industry, a favourite of which is the incense holder in so many forms.

    The Mango Wood Ashcatchers are wide and curved so they are perfect for catching the falling ashes making them easy to dispose of and clean.


    6. Rose Quartz Heart

    Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love. It restores trust and harmony in relationships, encouraging unconditional love. Rose Quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace.

    Smudge Starter Kit: Sage, Shell, Satya incense, Palo Santo+Rose Quartz +holder

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    • India, USA (New Mexico), Equador, Australia

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    Disclaimer: Crystal therapy and energy medicine are not a substitute for medical care nor mental health treatment. Please always seek professional medical advice.

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