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Just light a Satya Incense Stick and wait for your home to be transformed with these bright and energising aromas. These Satya incense sticks are hand rolled in India for Ancient Wisdom, the EARTHSTORE ethical supplier using pure extracts and the finest scented oils. 

Using incense sticks is easy, just light the end and wait for it to glow and blow out the flame. Then place it into an incense holder and enjoy the wonderful fragrance that is produced.

? Contains 15g of incense (approx 15 sticks)
Packaging is 100%Recyclable

Use with an Incense Holder for best results
Stick burn time: Approx 30-40 min

Let this aroma fill your home & create a wonderful atmosphere.
Satya are the No 1. selling incense stick.
Did you know that Satya only use bamboo harvested from sustainable forests, many of which the own or manage to ensure sustainability.
Avoid knock-off and fake Satya - make sure the box label shows Satya address as: Magadi Road, Bengaluru-560 023, India

Satya Incense 15gm -Gold

SKU: iSatya-24
  • Hand-rolled Coated Incense on sustainably harvested Bamboo Stick
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