Red jasper

Red Jasper keeps your focus during meditation and yoga. It awakens and raises Kundalini, hence increases your spiritual powers. It also absorbs electromagnetic field rays from your surroundings. You can keep it at the office to bring prosperity to your work and business. Red jasper can help you in improving your relationships with your loved ones, as it provides maturity and stability.

Red Jasper has been known as ‘Stone of Endurance’ and ‘Nurturer’s stone’ for many centuries, as it is believed to release power and stamina in its owner.  It is also considered as a Power Stone, as it instills personal independence and protective energies. The Native Americans used to call it ‘Blood of Mother’ Earth owing to its red color.

It was also believed that Red Jasper is most likely the first stone in the High Priest Aaron’s sacred breastplate instead of Ruby. Though it is found worldwide, its major deposits are found in the United States, India, Russia, and Egypt. Red Jasper belongs to the Quartz family, which constitutes 12% of Earth’s crust. In old times, fighters used to carry it with them during wars as a lucky charm. It also brings courage and strength to the owner. Red Jasper is compatible with the zodiac signs Leo, Virgo, and Scorpio, and is associated with the element of Earth.

Red Jasper is characterized by energy, stamina, courage, and grounding. It connects with the Earth and creates a resonating vibration in sacral, base and earth chakras. This phenomenon helps a person in maintaining stability in emotions and feelings. Red jasper keeps you away from negative energies and protects you from evil spirits. It also helps you in facing the hard times of your life and dealing with them carefully. If your thoughts and concentration are scattered, it will help you in centralizing your attention in the right direction. It also aids in enhancing your abilities in critical thinking and creativity. The Red Jasper also helps you heal spiritually due to its grounding powers.

The Red Jasper can also help in pregnancy, childbirth and the dysfunctions of the procreative system. It can also help in problems of the liver, bile ducts, blood and detoxify the body. Red jasper helps in bone and tissue healing through the crystal system. The main problems that can be dealt with red jasper include cancer, blood circulation problem, dizziness, lover problem, low blood pressure, menstruation, strength, sexual problem, stomach problem, uterus related issues, vertigo, and weakness.

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