The classic Orange Crush aromatherapy silicone diffusing bracelet goes with virtually any wardrobe or outfit. Wear it to work, the gym or leave it on for a night on the town. Diffuse your essential oils regardless of where you are heading.

Each Essential Oil Bracelet comes with 5 all-natural clay tablets that have 5 crushed gemstones inside. Simply add 1-3 drops of your oils or blend to the insert and place inside the back of the specially designed pocket. Now enjoy the subtlety delivered essential oil for up to 7 days. The tablets are fully reusable, water resistant and very durable so they will last you the life of the bracelet.

Each tablet contains the following crushed gemstones:
Amethyst + Peridot + Tiger’s Eye + Rose Quartz + Turquoise.

So you will have the combined energy and power of crystal gemstones adding to the properties of the essential oil to help the healing or calming or influence you are looking for.

 When you want to add a new oil, simply add your new oils to the same tablet or rotate through the other 4. After a week of airing out in a warm location such as a windowsill, the tablet will be ready for a new oil.

All tablets are exclusively handmade from all-natural clay and infused with five different types of crushed gemstones.

Each clay tablet starts as a big block of clay, it’s carefully rolled out, then 5 different types of crushed gemstones are added. Each disc is individually cut by hand, then sent to be slowly heated in a kiln to make them extremely hard, durable and water resistant. Sure it’s a lot of work, but ESSENTIALBRACELETS wouldn’t have it any other way!

Each bracelet is made of 100% food grade safe silicone, so it is safe for your little ones  and yourself, and will not break down with your essential oils

Earthstore is an official Stockist and Distributer of the “Original Essential Oil Bracelet” invented and manufactured by ESSENTIALBRACELET

Pumpkin Orange Crush aromatherapy silicone diffusing bracelet