This Envirovizor Protective Face Shield is great for bringing that wee bit of extra protection when out and about. Suitable for using in your workplace, visiting shops, at school, bards and restaurants and is classed as a work safety product. 
It is dead easy to assemble and fit. It has an adjustable velcro head strap to make it fits comfortably on your head. It is a highly durable, recyclable plastic visor. 


  • Envirovizor Protective Face Shield 
  • Great for your workplace or out shopping
  • Easy to assemble and fit
  • Adjustable velcro head strap
  • Durable, recyclable plastic visor
  • Ideal for beauty salons, hairdressers, restaurants & bars, retail staff, schools, colleges and much more.
  • Made in the UK

Protective Visor Face Shield - made in the UK

£3.99 Regular Price
£2.39Sale Price
  • Recyclable plastic visor

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