Prehnite & Epidote Polished Tumbled Gemstone

Prehnite with epidote is an unusual yet powerful combination. The colour and translucency of the prehnite is amazing. These pieces literally glow! Streaking through the prehnite are deep olive green epidote needles. These needles are also gemmy in areas and are a beautiful contrast of greens within the prehnite. These stones are sleek and smooth, and a delight to hold. It takes you through a smooth transition into meditation. Prehnite is par excellence for visualizations of any kind. Do not take Prehnite lightly, it has strong force to assist you to contact energies in higher planes. Make sure you have some understanding how to disconnect from these higher vibrational energies. Set your guards well to prevent negative entities absorbing your life force energy.

These stones are just as strong as their natural counterparts, yet at the same time their energy is smoother and more refined. In healing, Prehnite has been used to reduce high blood pressure and control hypertension. We have recently foun