Porphyry or Pophry

Porphyry or Pophry is also known as a stone of ‘abundance’ bringing material wealth, bringing the actualisation of that abundance and prosperity to the gemstone holder.
Porphyry is a rarer mineral and harder to find at an A or AA Grade.
Porphyry is associated and works with Heart Chakra

Earthstore Porphyry is mined in Australia.

Uses Of Porphyry...
  • It is known to soothe the nervous system which can help with public duties such as speaking and presiding over groups of people
  • Being a stone of all colors, this portrays the connectedness of Earth's kingdoms. A good stone for those using/working in/with the plant, mineral and animal realms.
  • It is an excellent and very powerful stone to aid dreaming, assisting a person into a dream-state and further visualisation once awake of that dream and its meanings.
  • It is a stone of re-affirmation, re-alignment and re-commitment and it helps a person to adjust to change, accept responsibility and stimulate originality in a creative or business context.
  • Said to aid those in Magick and ritual and rites.
  • A good stone for those who catalog, do reference work, build databases or write Biographies. Key information is seen, comes to mind quickly and remains with the person.
  • Good stone for those who are stone masons. The Architect, the Engineer, those who quarry the stone, to those who create the building would all benefit carrying a Porphyry.
  • Aids those in ridding negative energies from self and environment.
  • Use the Porphyry to gain positive energies, especially if you are prone to depression.
  • Porphyry is used to gain quickness in thought as well as action as mentioned above so therefore good for those in mental or physical games and quizes for example.

The Physical Uses Of Porphyry - some say it a ids in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism.

The word "porphyry" is from Latin meaning "purple". Purple, the color of royalty, and the "Imperial Porphyry" was a deep brownish purple rock with large crystals of plagioclase. This rock was prized for various monuments and building projects in Imperial Rome and later. Pliny's Natural History affirmed that the "Imperial Porphyry" had been discovered at an isolated site in Egypt in AD 18, by a Roman legionnaire named Caius Cominius Leugas. It came from a single quarry in the Eastern Desert of Egypt, from 600 million year old andesite of the Arabian-Nubian Shield. The road from the quarry westward to Qena (Roman Maximianopolis) on the Nile, which Ptolemy put on his second-century map, was described first by Strabo, and it is to this day known as the Via Porphyrites, the Porphyry Road, its track marked by the hydreumata, or watering wells that made it viable in this utterly dry landscape.

Porphyry has been fashioned into many relatively famous objects, some sculpted as recently as the 18th century A.D. The bust of Alexander the Great, now in the Louvre and the head of Hadrian, which is in the British Museum at Bloomsbury, London, England are examples.


People say they love our Earthstore Tumbled Stones because they are high-quality, beautifully polished or finished and are genuine natural materials, sold at an affordable price. We guarantee our stones are GENUINE. If they are dyed or heat treated as part of the process of their creation or for improvement, this will be mentioned clearly.

Crystals and gemstones are popular for so many reasons. Some people simply collect them for their beauty, many for jewellery, craft and making. Many people enjoy collecting interesting rocks. But more than ever, the interest in the properties and energy of crystal and gemstones has become the main reason for people wanting to acquire new stones for their properties.

Gemstones are a part of many ancient cultures, often considered to be a talisman or symbol of good luck or fortune, or to ward off evil or dark forces.

Different gems have different properties, and for thousands of years, they have been made into rings, bracelets, amulets, brooches & pendants to capture their magical energy and properties for the wearer

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