PINK BANDED AGATE from Australia

Really lovely banded agate from Australia

You may benefit from Agate crystals if you can relate to any of the following:

  • You need a grounding crystal in your aura
  • You seek work-life balance
  • You want to disconnect from tech and connect with Earth
  • You need more stability in your routine
  • You are attracted to intricately patterned stones

Metaphysical Meaning of Agate Stone

In crystal healing, Agate has a stable and grounding quality. It is used to keep you in the present moment, grounded to this earth and focused on what you have to accomplish here and now.

It is also a stone of vitality, stamina and strength. So if you are in need of extra earth energy, Agate may be the stone for you!

Each type of Agate will vary in its healing properties, but here is a general overview of Agate's metaphysical meanings:

  • Agate provides stamina and vitality

  • Agate balances sexual energy

  • Agate brings emotional security

  • Agate aids in astral travels

  • Agate improves memory

  • Agate is a very stable stone, centering and grounding physical energy

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Crystals and gemstones are popular for so many reasons. Some people simply collect them for their beauty, many for jewellery, craft and making. Many people enjoy collecting interesting rocks. But more than ever, the interest in the properties and energy of crystal and gemstones has become the main reason for people wanting to acquire new stones for their properties.

Gemstones are a part of many ancient cultures, often considered to be a talisman or symbol of good luck or fortune, or to ward off evil or dark forces.

Different gems have different properties, and for thousands of years, they have been made into rings, bracelets, amulets, brooches & pendants to capture their magical energy and properties for the wearer

Pink Banded Agate - Australia - Large