Office / Home / Therapy or Treatment Room Dry Mister.

Buy as a bare unit or with different size of refill containers.

Options are:

  • Bare Unit only (no sanitiser)

  • 2.5L refill sanitiser

  • 5L refill sanitiser

  • 2 x 5L refill sanitiser


The room mister is ideal for dispersing a low ppm solution of Dew into the air though a dry mist thus sanitising the air constantly. 

It can be timer & humidity set or run constantly. 

**It is ideal for receptions, offices, treatment rooms, yoga studios, workshops, gym, or just in your home.



  • Timer function

  • Humidity setting function

  • Automatic setting

  • Nebuliser function

  • On/Off and safety cut-off when liquid has finished

  • Easy to clean

  • Cover up to 65M2 or smaller areas

  • Lightweight and portable - move from room to room

  • Sanitiser last a long time if correctly monitored, see commentary below


**Words of advice from an existing user of the DEW Misting unit:

We use this same mister units at the Urban Wellness Hub and in the Studio (62M2), Hall and entrance and in our therapy rooms.

For smaller rooms, only 20 minutes misting is required as a minimum and maybe a maximum*.

In our Studio, when we have people visiting, we run the mister for up to one hour. After an hour you can see the mist (as it is so fine) hang from the ceiling like fog or a cloud.

When we have workshops (sadly only 2 since August) we mist in the morning before a workshop for around 30 minutes. We mist for one hour at the lunch break (it is really safe to do this), and we mist again for around 20 minutes at the close of the workshop.

The amount of sanitising liquid it uses is very small. A half filled unit (in the Studio) will last us many weeks at the Hub. At home, one full tank will last for many months. But it all depends on the space you are trying to mist.


*You will be able to guage for yourself when you see the level of mist created by the unit for your size of room. The maximum we can mist our therapy/treatment rooms is 20 minutes.




DEW Dry Mister Unit for Office, Home, Shops, Therapy/Treatment rooms or SPAs

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