This Himalayan Pink Salt candle holders sold by EARTHSTORE is believed to create negatively charged ions in the air. 

Many people feel the benefits of having Himalayan Salt items in their home. Not only are they nice to look at, but they say Himalayan Salt delivers wonderful health and wellness benefits due to their amazing mineral properties.
Any items that are marked with sizes is to to give a rough idea of size only.
Remember every candle holder is completely unique and has it's own character that makes them so very special!
By using this Himalayan Crystal Salt Rock T-Lights holder will replace the negatively charged ions in the air which in turn help us to avoid the alleged physical and mental harm that the electric smog creates.
These are so nice that we can see them living quite happily anywhere in your house.
Great Value That Just Rocks.

All of EARTHSTORE mineral and crystal items are sourced from mines that have been Ethically Audited by our supplier. This means the working conditions for the labourers must meet or exceed certain standards, where safety and health of workers are paramount.
Each item is uniquely different in weight and height and we ship our best choice to you.
The pictures are of our candle holders / T-Light holders we hold in stock but are intended for illustration purposes only. For more information about the benefits and properties of Himalayan Salt check out our page at

Natural Salt Candle Holder 600-800g

SKU: QSalt-08A
  • 7.5x8 (cm)