A heavy display Inca / Aztec Rainbow Calcite.

A very unusual calcite which looks like it has been put together in haste by the 'Crystal Gods' just to make it more difficult for you to chose your item.

Some perfectly formed banding with amazing and wonderful orange, reds, green, clear colours across the spectrum. Green, red and orange are more prominent in the colour swatches shown on this calcite display.


Very heavy and solid display chunk with a smooth cut base for easy display.


It looks like something you would want to eat, but I wouldn't advise you to do that, as tempting as it is. Instead, I would recomend placing it somewhere it can be seen a lot. A window shelf, sideboard, cabinet, TV unit, fireplace etc.


Aztec or Inca Calcite can also be known as Rainbow Calcites because it contains layers of the different colours of Calcite in the one formation.

Earthy and Warm Inca Calcite has the ability to cleanse mind, body, soul and environment of discordant energies. Releasing negativity, clearing blockages and encouraging flow and growth through positivity.

Activating our Earth Star(chakra below feet), base chakra, heart chakra and soul star(chakra above the head) simultaneously. Grounding, toning, cleansing, energizing and expanding all at the same time, quite the gift from the Earth.


INCA /AZTEC are also extremely beneficial on the spiritual level, and they stimulate spiritual growth and can assist you with developing psychic gifts, but this varies according to the variety and color.



Note: our photos are never re-touched. No software enhancements. Shot with a Huawei P20 Pro phone, but please appreciate computer screens vary in colour display.
Quartz spheres, carved shapes, selenite and other translucent or transparent objects are shot with an LED back light to try and show what’s inside the item. If you need more picture, don’t hesitate to call me.

Large Natural RAINBOW INCA AZTEC CALCITE - Cut Base Display 1.135Kg

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