Truly wonderful complex crystal display with hundreds of ever-changing and vibrant colours.

It looks like something from a Star Wars or the Matrix films, but was mined in Russia in the Ural mountains, one of only a handful of places where natural Bismuth can be found. The Bismuth you see pictured was created as a by-product of a smelting or refining process from other metals but most probably either tungsten or copper ore, which the Ural region is most notable for.

Why is it so expensive?

This is NOT a laboratory manufactured crystal. This is the real deal from Russia.

We only but our stock from reputable suppliers in the UK and this item comes from Moussa Minerals who visit the mines and select stocks personally. They are a long and well established family business.

Size: 123mm

Weight: 457gms

Source: Ural Mountains, Russia

Large NATURAL Bismuth specimen. Urals, Russia. 457gm 123mm (NOT LAB GROWN)

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